Hello, and thanks for checking out what Primal Pitching is all about.  Before I go too far, I'd love to know what brought you here.  Do you know a pitcher with shoulder or back pain? Maybe she's recovering from an injury?  Has she stalled in her current training? Maybe you're looking to get started with a solid foundation and tools to thrive in pitching and life. I'm Krista Trimble, a Pittsburgh, PA native relocated to Columbia, South Carolina in late 2015. 

Growing up, I didn’t have an opportunity to play fastpitch until high school (TRUTH), and it was during my sophomore year that my team found itself completely pitcher-less.  Although my journey is delayed by today's standards, it doesn’t mean my fire burned any less and, more than that, I  knew things needed to change. By my senior year, I served as assistant coach for the first 10U & 12U fastpitch teams in my hometown while giving pitching instruction to girls as young as 8 and was one of the first in my area to play travel ball. Although pursued by DII schools, I played a year of D3 college ball before transferring campuses to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish summa cum laude (I did play some club ball during this time).  After graduating, I immediately dived back into school to become a registered nurse while being awarded a scholarship to play D2 ball. 

Pitching was my happiness, my health, and my outlet.  I have learned invaluable life skills from taking on this role, and I have made outstanding relationships that stand the test of time as a result.  After becoming an RN and traveling the country, I set my roots in Columbia and achieved an Integrative Nutrition health coaching certification.  After a request from a new friend led me to search for pitching instructor certifications, I found myself on the phone with Denny Tincher. This move has changed my life.  While my personal life strategies evolved into integrative and holistic approaches, I discovered a pitching technique based on natural movement that promised efficient, fluid technique specifically designed for the female body.

I believe in health.  I believe we should eat real food. I believe everyone deserves to thrive (and most of us don't even know what that feels like!). You should be able to be a  phenomenal pitcher today and still be thriving in 10, 20 and 30 years and beyond.  I also believe in coffee, bacon, and natural movement.  Primal Pitching is my collaboration of all of these things. 

Let's get to work!



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