Why Primal, and Why Tincher Pitching?

Since I have some new faces checking out my Facebook page and this site, I figure it's a great time to give a little of my background as well as the background of the organization I'm certified under. 

This first part will shock the heck out of some of you-- brace yourselves-- I grew up in an area of Western Pennsylvania that did not offer fastpitch softball until high school!  I had my fair share of slow pitch, but, let me tell ya, that first year of fastpitch as a freshman in high school was ROUGH.  Needless to say, I spent my first year keeping the bench warm.  When our only pitcher quit in late January of my sophomore year, I eagerly volunteered as tribute to learn this position because pitching just LOOKED SO FUN (I know some of your pitchers have a similar tale of interest).  My high school coach (who had no pitching experience-bless him!) and I learned pitching mechanics via VHS tapes (in case your pitcher doesn't know what that is, please direct her here).   That first year was a very big year for learning, conquering fear, and sticking out painfully uncomfortable situations.  

It got better.  I grew exponentially as a pitcher, took some lessons here and there, and, by the time I graduated, among being one of the first in my area to play travel ball, I began coaching 10U and 12U girls. Yes, finally, fastpitch was growing in my hometown!  I was recruited by some D2 schools, but I opted to attend a D3 branch campus for the University of Pittsburgh so I could play ball and focus on academics. With a change in coaching in addition to my pursuit of studying abroad, I only played my freshman year.  While I thought that may be the end of ball for me, after receiving my undergraduate degree in Spanish, I dove immediately into my Associate's degree in Nursing at a small community college where I received a D2 scholarship to play!  Despite having only started pitching at age 16, this is quite an accomplishment (don't worry, I'll pat myself on the back for you).  

My nursing career took me from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire with my then fiancé and beyond to Virginia, California, and, ultimately Columbia, South Carolina.  Shortly after getting settled here, a friend I made had found out (through the majesty of Facebook where, when I was 18, I proudly listed my first job as a pitching instructor) that I gave pitching lessons.  She asked if I'd work with her daughter, and, while of course I couldn't deny that I was chomping at the bit to have anything to do with the game that gave me life during the most angsty years of my life, I needed to make sure I was up-to-date with the techniques.

This is where Denny Tincher comes in.  You can't search "Fastpitch softball pitching certification" without coming across www.tincherpitching.com. This is where it gets interesting.

About two years prior to this, I became immersed in my own health.  From using food to nourish (as opposed to challenging myself to break the world record for snack cake consumption), to moving my body more naturally (lifting weights with good form a few times a week and walking as much as I can fit in), I quickly gained more energy, better sleep, less bloat, and began to get strong.  I then pursued my certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach so I can help others feel their best and break through barriers.  In case you were wondering, that's where the "Primal" part comes in to play (Think: Natural, ancestral, efficient).  

When I called Denny (per his website's recommendation) and passed his screening, he invited me to check out one of his clinics outside of Raleigh.  He told me to be prepared-- I'd likely be surprised at what I would see.  He said his technique was different... natural... and researched.  To say my interest was piqued is an understatement.  

During the first session of that day in Raleigh, it took me about an hour to pick my jaw up off the floor.  
No way.  This is NOT how I learned to pitch...this CAN'T be right...

It was at this time that I took a break and called my husband.  

"Hey, I'm going to need you to do me a favor when I get home. I need you to sit on the bucket while I try this."

I took at least ten pages of notes and drew diagrams.  There was no turning back from that point.    After putting in eight hours that first day, there was no way I could go back to teaching the conventional way.  I was hooked.  And in case you were wondering, since adopting this technique, my fastball is faster than ever, I have better control, no pain or groin pulls, and I have a sweet rise ball.  Now, what to do with all of this as a 29-year old... haha! 

Denny Tincher's technique, Fluid Dynamics, breaks the mold ENTIRELY.  You can read his story on his site (also, definitely check out this awesome video on Angela Tincher who inspired this legacy).  I won't give away too much, but I will say that if you think shoulder pain, back pain, or tension are necessary companions to pitching, you are sorely mistaken.  

This technique is for the female body. It is based on natural movement.  It is backed by research from myriad instructors who range from physical therapists to personal trainers to physicists and beyond (nurses too!).  We are constantly evolving and developing this technique.  We are learning, and we are getting better.  After completing my certification (involving 70 hours of training with Denny) in July of 2016, Primal Pitching has taken off.  I combine my background as a nurse with my passion for natural movement and holistic health.  Perhaps the most important is the work I do in regards to mindset and confidence.  My students are active directors of our time and participants in the process.  Are you ready to embrace change and get out of your comfort zone? Schedule an appointment now! Come with a notebook and an open attitude, and let's get to work!  

Feel free to email with any questions or give me a call! I can't wait to connect with you!

Krista Trimble