New Year, who dis?


As 2018 heads to a close, I have some end-of-year thoughts to jumpstart 2019 and keep it going in the direction that benefits us most. 

I ask all of my students to write down 3 goals and 3 things about them after they commit to the Tincher technique and my instruction.  My guidelines are to be specific, give yourself a deadline, and be honest.  I see lots of similar goals like hitting a certain speed consistently, being able to throw a certain pitch with mastery, etc.  One of my newest students blew me away this week with one of her goals.  

While she underestimated her speed goal (she, in fact, hit the lower end of her goal range this lesson), her third goal had me almost in tears. Now, I didn't prompt this, and I had only seen her one time.  Lyrical wrote that her goal, "is not to put myself down so fast and relax and do me because I will grow now matter what." 
Did I mention this athlete is 12 years old? I have chills while typing this! Do you know the number one roadblock I've encountered in every single one of my pitchers?


"I can't."

"I suck."

"That's my worst pitch."

"I'm too slow."

"It wasn't a strike."

"It wasn't good enough."

"This pitch is going to be awful."

Yikes. I've heard ALL of these from my younger kids to the almost graduating kids.  This hurts my soul! Who is telling these kids they can't? Who is reinforcing this attitude?  PLEASE DON'T.

Look, we all have a choice.  In theory, we are pitchers first and foremost, because WE LOVE IT. If you aren't having fun, find a new position. Don't make yourself miserable-- life is too short.  Now, if it's challenging, that's different.  Think of it as a puzzle instead of an impossible task. Are you learning algebra? If you get one problem wrong, do you just throw in the towel and quit trying? Do you play an instrument or sing? If you hit one wrong note, do you immediately label yourself as “terrible” and doom yourself to failure?

Why? How does that benefit you?  Now... let's take it a step further.  Let's say your best friend is learning how to pitch. If she throws a wild one, do you tell her to quit? Do you tell her she's awful? Do you tell her she'll never hit her speed goal?  OF COURSE NOT.  If you wouldn't say it to your best friend, why on earth would you talk to yourself that way?  Here's my challenge to you. 

You want to reach your goals? You want to succeed and love this sport and position you're dedicating time, money, and effort into?

GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE.  Instead of, "this one is going to be awful," how about, "I'm going to stay tall and give it my best effort." Instead of, "that was too slow!" how about, "I'm working on my speed and getting better every time."  Instead of, "My change-up is horrible!" try, "my change-up used to be rough, but I'm focusing on my mechanics and seeing improvement." 

Your brain dictates what your body does. If you train your brain to immediately rule out success... good luck succeeding.  Your thoughts shape your actions, so why not take advantage and give yourself a leading edge?

Make 2019 the year that you love yourself and give yourself the chance to achieve your dreams. I'm in if you are!

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