I offer fastpitch softball instruction as a Certified Instructor for Tincher Pitching.  Our technique is based on years of research with a team of doctors, physicists, physical therapists, certified trainers, and more who are nationwide.  If you're ready for a change and to really challenge yourself as a whole, let's do this!


If you have never worked with a Tincher-Certified Instructor, you must begin with the Intro to Tincher Pitching course.  This course is slightly longer than an average lesson, as we get to know each other and why we do things the way we do.  

All other lessons are 60 minutes in length. You MUST come to your lesson with clear goals in mind.  Why do you need my help? What are you struggling with? I want you to be an active guide for your training.  Take charge, and do the thing!

You are expected to come with a catcher, a notebook and writing utensil, a positive attitude, and a thirst for success.

Unless otherwise indicated, all lessons will take place at PITCH HUT 2:


Are you ready to join the ranks and become a Tincher Pitcher? This package includes an Introductory lesson (85 minutes) where I assess your current level/habits and introduce you to our style.  You'll also get two regular 60 minute lessons to hammer down the technique. These lessons are one-on-one and must be scheduled for and within 60 days of the purchase date.  Save $15 with this bundle!
*please note that scheduling options are subject to my availability 

Ready to commit to your goals? Maybe it's a high speed, mastering some moving pitches, or becoming more consistent.  Be prepared to closely log your practice agendas and be active in this process. This package includes six 60-minutes regular pitching lessons- save $25 off scheduling them separately!  You must have completed the Introduction to Tincher Pitching class before purchasing this bundle.  Lessons must be scheduled for and within 90 days of purchase date. 
*scheduling subject to my availability