My name is Morgan Scott, and I have been going to Krista for pitching lessons for a little over a year now. Since I have started with her I got recommitted to Mars Hill University after a coaching change at Belmont Abbey. I started pitching when I was 9 and I am now 17 years old. I am currently a senior at Dutch Fork in Irmo, SC. When I was beginning my 8th grade and 9th grade years, I got a stress fracture in the L5 part of my back. I had to take multiple months off from softball and working out. It was definitely not an easy thing to do, sitting in the dugout while the rest of your team is out there playing and sometimes you wish you could just go out there and play but I couldn’t.
But now I am completely healed and came back even stronger. When I first began, it wasn’t all that hard to tweak a couple of my mechanics. It took practice and effort to get the new mechanics done and I still struggle with a couple of them, but me and my dad go out to the field as much as we can and work on them.
I used to throw anywhere between 57-59 mph before I started working with her, but now I throw anywhere from 61-63 mph. If you’re looking for someone who will push you and teach you great mechanics yet still be there for you no matter what, you should definitely choose Krista as a pitching coach. The Tincher style that she teaches really helps prevent injuries, ever since I got over my stress fracture and began going to Krista I have not had anymore pains anywhere. She has really pushed me to become better and to use my legs so much better than I used to. One thing I would say for sure is that don’t just practice while you’re at a lesson, but go home and get someone to catch you and work on your pitching skills because that’s the only way you’re ever going to get better.
— Morgan Scott
Krista is wonderful! Our daughter Maggie looks forward to every softball pitching lesson! In addition to helping our daughter with more confidence as a pitcher she has helped her with better control while using proper mechanics to reduce injury. Maggie would say that Krista Rocks and that’s she’s the coolest teacher she has every had!
— Sarah Griffis
Last year my daughter was struggling with her pitching but would not give up the mound. We started working with Tincher Pitching in April 2018 and with Krista at Primal Pitching in June 2018.
It’s now Dec 2018 and her HS coaches just saw her pitch for the first time since last season. They were floored! They made a point to tell her they were astonished at how good she is pitching! She showed control, great ball movement and adjusting speed. They saw that she has been working hard and left her with,”This new pitching style suits you perfectly!”
Krista is patient and motivating while holding her pitchers fully accountable. We drive 2 hours one way for a lesson. Totally worth it!
— Suzanne Utnik
Krista is amazing! So patient with the girls and easy to follow!
— Deborah McCaron